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I am NOT a hoarder–destashing art supplies

How much stuff do I really need?

Probably not as much as I have.  Okay, definitely not as much as I have.  I have A LOT of art supplies and old things.  But you know what I love more than having cool supplies?  Acquiring more cool supplies!  And to do that I have to make room in my (very small) studio.


Destash my Stuff on Etsy
My destash shop on Etsy.   Sadly, far more successful than my art and jewelry shop.


What do I do with crazy bits of paper, watch parts, shells, beach glass, old ribbons, oddball findings etc?  I sell them here.  Usually for a lot less than I paid for them.  I want them to find happy homes in someone else’s studio.  Someone who might use them.

Vintage Watch Mainspring Envelopes
Vintage Watch Mainspring Envelopes

Watch Mainspring Envelopes are super cool.

Antique Watch Parts vials
Antique Watch Parts vials

Antique watch parts vials with well worn labels and cryptic handwriting are even cooler.

Maybe I should just keep this stuff for myself!

Watch Tins
Watch Case Backs
Assorted Steampunk Supplies
Watch Movements

Divine Iguana on Etsy…the listing frenzy begins

New Steampunk Necklace Listings on Divine

The Holidays are coming! The Holidays are coming!

Okay, that was a bad joke, but the panic is genuine. Holy cow the Holidays are coming up quickly. I started adding new products to the website in preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season today. Not everyone can come see my work in person, so I’m trying to have a good sampling online as well as at my galleries. The listing blitz began today, but I have miles to go before I sleep…

You can see my progress at The Divine Iguana on Etsy.