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How to open a jump ring– Worksheets for Workshops

“How do I open this jump ring so it closes again?!!!”

Such simple little things, jump rings, and yet so TRICKY. Open them wrong and they will NEVER EVER close tightly again. Open them right and POOF! they make it crazy-simple to assemble jewelry.

This is the absolute most basic skill to learn when you start making jewelry.
If you take one of my workshops it is the very first thing I teach you (aside from which kind of plier is which).

And in case you forget after the class (or if you never get to take one) here is an awesome tutorial on how to do it right so the the little buggers will close again.




After you’ve attached the ring to whatever it was you wanted to join, close it by reversing the steps.


You have a neatly closed jump ring.  Go you!

HELLO, East Lansing!

Mid Michigan, I have heard your pleas. “Where can I get awesome Divine Iguana stuff in my area?” you cried. And now there is an answer..

Thank you, Mackerel Sky, for bringing the Divine Iguana into your loving embrace. Or at least into your gallery.
We’ll take things slow :)

Mackerel Sky gallery in East Lansing
Stop in to Mackerel Sky in East Lansing.
Tell Lisa that The Divine Iguana summoned you.

In all seriousness, I’m tickled pink to have Divine Iguana boxed cards and jewelry available here. Mackerel Sky is a beautiful gallery and shop, and Divine Iguana is the least of their artists. It’s all in the company you keep, my friends, and this is great company to be in!

Oh yeah…and they have our ever popular dictionary buttons!

Dictionary Buttons by Divine Iguana
Yes, they are as cool as they look.

These little guys are HOT, East Lansing. Get them while you can!