Introducing Best Friend Earrings

Mr. Bob The wonder bagle
Mr. Bob The wonder bagle

Those of you who know me are aware that the only thing I love more than my pets is…nothing.  There is absolutely nothing that I care about more than my animals.

After adopting Mr. Bob I became painfully aware of how may animals need our help.  I can’t adopt them all, so I devised these earrings as a way of providing support to those organizations who do the hard work of rescuing animals.  Every dollar helps.

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Antique illustrations of popular (and some obscure) dog breeds (with some original Divine Iguana illustrations for those breeds that have changed A LOT over the last 100 years).  Decoupaged onto the backs of vintage poker chip and game piece earrings and hung with assorted colors of ceramic beads to make simply adorable earrings.

$2 from the sale of each pair of Best Friends Earrings goes to support animal rescue. 

What Breeds are available?

As of today there are 55 different dog images available in the series, with more coming all the time.  And yes, there will soon be cats as well :)  All the current breeds are shown below.  Don’t see your pet?  Send me a message and I’ll add your critter to the wish list.

Where can I get these?

In the Detroit area you can find the Best Friends Earrings at Poesy Gallery on Rochester Rd in Royal Oak, The Peacock Room in the Park Shelton in Downtown, and in the Divine Iguana Boutique inside the Rust Belt Market (open Saturday and Sundays only).

Cincinnati fans can find these at Indigenous in O’Bryonville.

Can’t get to any of these locations?  Order a pair through Etsy.