Divine Iguana Live in the D

I was on the news!

Divine Iguana On the Air
Divine Iguana Set up for the local news
and no…I didn’t get caught doing something naughty.

The Divine Iguana spent a while in our studio with Channel 4, Live in the D’s Michelle Oliver discussing the fine art of making beautiful things from the ‘stuff’ people throw away.

Inside the studio of the Divine Iguana
In Studio peak at the Divine Iguana at work!

And then  we did a little LIVE followup where I successfully did not pee myself on camera.  We can all thank my friends and coaches at Shadowbox Live for teaching me not to curl up like a pillbug under the lights :)

Rena Live on Channel 4 News
Rena Live on Channel 4 News

Many thanks to Rhonda Walker for letting me highlight the new “Best Friends” earrings that were designed to raise funds for local animal rescue.  We’ve only raised about $50 so far, but the numbers will only rise with time!

Did you catch the story?  Let me know what you thought in the comments below!