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Winter is for Undeath

I’ve been negligent.  The world has been shifting and I did not tell you.

A very (very) few of you may know that I worked in theatre a long time ago in the baby years of my artistic career.  I designed costumes, I sewed costumes, I worked in prop departments and had a promising career laying out before me.  As happens to many poor folks with big dreams, I hit a small bump in my road and those dreams for the future were de-railed by the immediate need to eat and pay rent.  I lived in my car, I framed pictures, I worked for a few more years with a theatre troupe that was a bad fit for my aesthetic…

then I gave up.

And then this winter…

NERVE Productions Dracula
NERVE Productions Dracula

I found my people, and they are RAW.


Working with a brilliant troupe of performers and creatives led by the razor sharp Kathe Koja to create a production like nothing you’ve seen before.  Immersive, mind rattling theatre that assaults every sense.  Theatre stripped to its bones and left bleeding before you. Scenes marked by shadows. Smells of the earth, and sex and fear.   And the costumes…

Rick Leider's Drac Portrait
Dracula meets Jonathan Harker
Photo by Rick Leider http://dreampool.com/

This production is already run its course.  But there is more to come, and soon.  We are thinking now of Heironymous  Bosch, of labyrinthian spaces and the green light of old monitors.

I promise to keep you better informed.